We May Not Be The Leading Home Buyers In Connecticut, But We Are Likely The Most Friendly And Helpful Ones 😀

Hello everyone. We are Dixie and Jerryll. Owners of “We Buy Houses In Connecticut“, “Sell My House In Connecticut Fast” and “House Offers Quick“.We have been getting a lot of messages from home sellers, homeowners and house investors alike on how we do business. I suppose that is great news as that means we are getting noticed. How we do it, how do we get so many customers how why  what is our secret.

Honestly we do not have some secret formula, or some amazing business strategy. We follow one simple rule. We are always honest. We live by this rule in our personal lives and we have been very happy this way. Why not extend this to our business endeavours?

Life is not all about making money. Hard to believe maybe but once you make money it becomes very clear what life really is about. Happiness! Being able to make others happy. Help those that are less fortunate than you and be happy for those that are more fortunate than you.

Be genuine, transparent, have genuine intentions to help an other. That is all it takes. When people talk to you they can sense that genuine desire to help. It is a fantastic way to live and to do business.

This blog is aimed towards our adventures through this venue. It is meant for us, to keep track where we came from where we are now and where we want to be. We will be elaborate and transparent. If you are a new investor trying to “make it” we welcome you to read through our blogs and learn and apply our methods.

In fact , we have started a separate blog that will explain in detail what methods and tactics we use to find motivated sellers that are in need of our services. That blog is called: “The Learning Real Estate Investor“. Please ask questions if you have them. We aim to help!

However there will be a fineprint. As long as you promise to genuinely help distressed homeowners, be the solution to their problems and end the reputation cash home buyers have of being opportunist and feeding off of the misfortune of others, we will do our best to help you establish yourself in this highly competitive market.

If you are a homeowner, distressed or not, you are welcome too, to read through our blogs. We will explain what it takes to sell your home for the most amount of cash. We will go over your options you have selling it. Sell it to a cash buyer like ourselves, or list it with an agent. Both have their pros and cons.

We will also try to include amazing pictures and artwork. All pictures (well just to be fair let me say ..) most pictures are ours and we kindly ask to ask us permission first before copying them and use them. We just want to track where our pics end up.


Then this leads us to our newest adventure. Our house flipping adventures that is! Want to follow our shenanigans when whe close on a deal and start the riot? Then follow our house flipping in Connecticut blog! Will be exciting, filled with drama (I am sure) and fun.

Then all that is left.. is to say…. welcome to our little corner on the net, and have fun. That is what it is all about after all!


Jerryll and Dixie.