We are Dixie and Jerryll.

Hi we are just  two people that love flipping houses. We operate the site: We Buy Houses In Connecticut. During the last 2 years we have grown to be quite popular in the world of real estate investing here in Connecticut, and we have absolutely no plans to slow down!

We are funny! We are Real, genuine, goofy, compassionate. We are passionate in everything we do. Although we are just people like you, we are not quite 2 people with standard backgrounds.

Jerryll is a wiz kid, quite intelligent with a background in NASA robotics, IHMC robotics and The Italian Institute Of Technology robotics. He has worked alongside DARPA, ONR (Office of Naval Research)  and other of such fancy prestigious organizations!

Dixie is a gorgeous person, inside and out. Degreed in Graphics design (Why do you think our sites look so amazing ;). She is also a fitness instructor/model, and a yoga and pilates teacher. She is strong! I mean, SHE IS STRONG! She is the rock of this effort and she is the main reason for our success. So I am keeping her! 😉

We Are Steadily Becoming The Top Investors Of CT

And with great power comes great responsibility. A useless old man once said that. Investing is about money. Yes of course. Anyone that says they buy and flip houses to make the communities better, nicer, or to help homeowners are just full of crap! Period!

Yes of course that’s a bonus. A fantastic bonus! But no one wakes up one day and says “you know what… I will go out, quit my job and buy and flip houses because I want to make the downtown area of Waterbury CT beautiful. Give Me A Damn Break! Let m guess, the money is just a bonus right? Pffft!

As you can tell, we have a non-apologetic very direct and blunt approach to our version of Real Estate Investing. We have been approached by many homeowners, cash home buyers, and investors with hundreds of questions. So we decided to start this blog and we will try to answer all your questions by narrating our adventures. So stay tuned, follow along and interact. We all are here to learn and to help others. So enjoy.


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