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Hello all.


As you know by now, we are Dixie and Jerryll.

You all know what we do by now. Yes we buy houses in all these cities in CT:

But, do you know us? I mean, do you really know US?


Se we decided to make a video of the both of us, as Jerryll always hides behind the lens.

As you can see, making videos is not easy at all… but it can be funny.

We Buy Houses Statewide CT, Including


We have put some effort in giving you a chance to get to know us a bit. We tried and tried, but as you can see from the video below, it is difficult, and a bit funny.


Her is a small window of who we are in our private life. We decided to give up on the video as no amount of acting could more accurately show our chemistry when we work together.


Lets make friends. Feel free to say hello, and let us know how we are doing 🙂


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Know The Market Value Of Your Home!

We Buy Houses In Connecticut For Cash!

We Give Fair Offers!

You hear that every time when dealing with investors. Being an investor is easy! Being an honest investor however, is extremely difficult!

We believe it is time someone writes a transparent article about fair offers from an investor’s point of view.  This is especially beneficial to home owners considering selling their house. If you know how the mind of an investor works it is harder to be taken advantage of!

Know The Market Value Of Your House!

Sadly, no, your childhood memories in your house do not add market value to your house, nether does your blue purple $20,000.00 cabinets you installed last summer. It is very difficult to look at your home of 30 years from a numbers perspective. You have to separate emotion from the equation and  see the house for what it is, a house, not a home.

That beautiful arbor you proudly constructed in the summer heat with sweat and blood may be worth more than money to you, but it may not add anything to the market value of the house.

Market value and assessed value are two very different concepts.

Allow me to give an example.

Imagine you are an eccentric wealthy homeowner. You  have a house  made out of gold. Golden walls, and where ever there should be glass, you have diamond.

Your house with its golden walls and diamond windows costs millions. The assessed value is millions of dollars.

However the market value is  low. How is that possible?

Let’s define “Market Value”.

According to the BusinessDictionary:

The highest estimated price that a buyer would pay and a seller would accept for an item in an open and competitive market.

Now who would buy a golden house? Not many people!  It is not practical. No one would buy it! Hence the Market Value is low.  Supply and Demand determine the market. There will always be a supply of houses while there simply is no demand for golden houses with diamond windows.

On the other hand the assessed value, according to InvestoPedia:

An assessed value is the dollar value assigned to a property for to measure applicable taxes. Assessed valuation determines the value of a residence for tax purposes and takes comparable home sales and inspections into consideration.

Often homeowners confuse these two terms and then get frustrated when they receive “low offers”, simply because they do not know how to monetize their home according to the Market Value.

Keep in mind that when an honest reputable investor or cash buyer, makes an offer, and buys your house, their intention is to sell it again after some sort of upgrade in order to make a profit. That is what investors do.

This means when they buy your house suddenly they are now taking over your troubles to sell the house fast. Now they are  subjected too all the unforgiving market demands you were subjected to concerning market value.

Established cash buyers have done this many times before and they know for how much in a specific condition, size, and location would sell. An offer is than presented based on these factors.

How To Determine Your House Market Value?

My house has beautiful wallpaper, and rounded wall closest extensions, is completely custom build and one of a kind. Why are you offering so little?

More is not always better. Although beautiful, not everyone has similar tastes. Wall paper is out. No one wants it anymore. Custom houses only limit your buyers pool.


The Market Value of a house is determined via “comps”. Comps is short for a comparable. A comparable is a house that is similar to yours (similar build  year, size of house, size of lot, similar style construction and very importantly, similar condition of the house) that have recently been sold within a mile radius of your house.

Keep in mind the definition of Market Value. The price a buyer is willing to pay and the seller willing to sell it for. What better way to find this number by looking at a house similar to yours, that has recently been sold. Thus a comp accurately gives you the price a buyer has paid and seller has accepted for a house that is very similar to yours.

You can easily determine the market value of your house. Websites like Zillow and Trulia are very helpful, but often very inaccurate. These sites, list all the houses sold in your area and displays the closing price. Despite the inaccuracy however it gives a reasonable ballpark of the value of your house.

A more accurate way to find out the Market Value of your house, is by asking a real estate agent. We do want to give a word of caution.

After you have a good idea how much your house is worth in its current condition and in your local market you can be more confident accepting offers from investors.

Always verify the numbers and do your own due diligence.

Should I List My House In Connecticut With An Agent At Market Value Or Sell It To A Cash Buyer For Fast Cash Below Market Value?

You want to sell your house in Connecticut but are not sure if you should list it with an agent or sell it to a home cash buyer. We can help make a decision!

Many investors will try to convince you not to list it with an agent. They will come up with a series of reasons why you should not list it. Although there are indeed disadvantages to listing it with an agent, there are also benefits, much like there are benefits and disadvantages selling your house in Connecticut fast for cash to a cash buyer.

Like most of the answers to the most interesting questions out there, our answer is, “it depends on your situation”. Although this may not be a helpful answer, it will make sense to you after reading this article.

To find out if it is indeed better for you to list it vs cash it, let’s first dive into why anyone would list their house. The main reason why people list their house is because often people do not know they have other options. If you have a house for sale in Connecticut,  you have options selling your CT house.

Another reason most people list their house is because they want market value for their Connecticut home. However, often the thought process ends there. Big mistake!

Let’s go deeper. To get top dollar for your house  for sale in Connecticut, your house needs to be in (near) perfect condition. Not only do you need to fix everything that needs fixing, even if nothing needs to be repaired, you still would need to bring the house up to date. No one will pay market value for a house when the kitchen and bathrooms are still 80’s or 90’s hip!

Outdated kitchens, bathrooms, wallpaper, wall paneling, fixtures are an eyesore to buyers in the current market. Especially when all the other houses in the market are indeed updated. You will have a hard time selling your house for market value when the house next door is competitively priced and updated.

So when do you list it and when do you just cash out?

You now have 2 options.

1) Don’t bother with updates and just try to sell anyways, causing the house to linger on the market for months, years even. But then what is the point in the first place to list it with an agent if you are not planning to get market value for the house? You still have to pay closing costs and agent fees which digs into your profits selling your house with an agent. Furthermore, not doing the repairs will result in your house sitting on the market for extended periods of time.

On average your house is likely to stay on the market between 4 months to a year. During that time you still have responsibilities as the homeowner. You still need to pay insurance, taxes, utility bills, lawn care, maintenance, mortgage …

The longer the house is on the market, the less net profit you make because every month you have bills and fees to pay, that take away from your net profit.

2) Do the repairs and list it for market value. This is often what people choose thinking they are now going to get market value. But are they really?

To put it into perspective, lets illustrate using some numbers. If the cost to keep a house per month is $2000, and you are asking 110K for your house, while the house will be on the market for 8 months…

Assume the best offer you get is 100K. Then closing cost, agent fees, title searches and the house sitting on the market for 8 months and being required to make at least minimum repairs, could  easily be 30K-40K.

So if you sold your house after 8 months for 100K, you would net about 70K after 8 months of the house sitting on the market (paying all bills).

If you had sold your house to a cash buyer from the start for 70K you would have pocketed the same without having to wait for 8 months (if the house even sells) the stress of people walking through the house, cost of repairs you have to make.

So now,… the question would be,…

Should you really list it with an agent for full market value, only to get 70% in of asking price…. due to all the bills that accumulate over the time it has been sitting on the market,…

or sell it now quick for cash at 70% market value without having to stress, wait, pay bills, having people constantly walk through the house and not having to pay agent fees and commissions…

You can now see why so many people make the educated decision to sell their house to cash buyers.

We recently bought a house in Manchester CT. A very nice lady just didn’t have the energy anymore to deal with tenants. Nor did she want to go through the hassles of listing, cleaning, making relairs, having countless of people walk the house demanding her to fix random things. So she found us on our  We Buy Houses In Manchester CT website. We made an offer and she received the cash in a week. When being confronted with such situations one can clearly see that selling to a cash buyer is the better option.

She was very happy she found us. It was not a coincidence. We thrive on honesty and we are very popular in the entire Hartford County area, including Hartford, West Hartford, East Hartford and surrounding cities.

If you want to know all the pros and cons of selling your house with an agent, vs a cash buyer we would love for you to download our free eBook breaking it all down. We explain things with actual examples and numbers so you can clearly see the result.  The link can be found here (scroll down)!

Find out when it is best to list it and when it is best to sell it for cash. Both options offer distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Feel free to call us at 203 529 4712 and we can go over your case personally and we can determine together what the better option is for you.

We Buy Houses In Connecticut

We Buy Houses Statewide CT, Including

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Finally, Our Marketing Campaign Continues

We Buy Houses In ConnecticutWe at Noorden Estates LLC, started Marketing for motivated sellers in Connecticut, in March, and did that for two consecutive months.

We had a very good response with our first marketing piece. Since this was our first week we didn’t have anything to compare it against. We knew it was a good response, but were not sure how good.

To experiment a bit with marketing, we changed our second marketing campaign up a little bit. However, I will leave it to another article or blog post talk more about that. For the more accurate in-depth discussion and analysis on this, please visit our Learning Investor Blog where we dive into the technical aspect of investing.

As for this blog we will just cover the business side of things, which includes the work we are doing now to grow and succeed, or business plan and our current happenings.

By the end of our second marketing campaign we have received a ton of phone calls. Most of these phone calls were from people that just wanted to find out how much we would pay for their houses. They were not motivated sellers and they would be better suited to talk to a listing agent. We refer those to the agent we work with.

If you are an agent and want these leads, please get in touch with us. We have an agent we work with in the Windsor area and one in the New Haven area. As our marketing campaign extends entire Connecticut, we are very willing to give you all the leads that are better suited for a listing agent that fall outside of the New Haven and Windsor areas. So if you are an agent and are interested in leads in these areas, get in touch with us by leaving a comment below.

We did receive calls from people that actually need our services. Following up on these phone calls definitely is a ton of work. We simply do not have the manpower to do this efficiently.

In order to follow up on the motivated seller phone calls we had to stop marketing, and focus our attention on getting contracts signed and following through with the closing procedure. That was not the best thing we could have done, and we are learning from our mistakes. If we had continued our marketing efforts, we would be closing multiple properties now instead of doing just one deal a month.

That is a mistake we will no longer make, and hence we will focus all our efforts once again on marketing. This brings us to the next steps we are going to focus on at this time.

In order to resume marketing, we need to do a lot of reorganizing. During the first 2 marketing campaigns we received a lot of returned mailers. We did not address them immediately after our first marketing campaign and thus now have double the return mailers as we executed our second marketing campaign to towards the same list.

It was a waste of money and effort, and this is something that definitely needs to be corrected and improved.

Other than the returned mailers, we also received a bunch of angry calls from people that didn’t want to be disturbed with our mailers. When we get an updated mailing list we need to make sure these people are not in this updated mailing list, and that also is a lot of work to identify these and take them out of the list.

It will be a lot of work to get reorganized, but it is of highest priority. We need to get the mailers out as soon as possible!

Lastly on our immediate to do list is find a better highly responsive targeting list of motivated sellers. We all know that the absentee owners list is a very good list. But because of that it is am exhausted list. Everyone is using that list and each person on that list will be getting several mailers. Highly competitive of course. This does not mean we are not going to use that list, but we want more lists niches other than the absentee owners list.

It will be a challenge to do all this while still nurturing our new Motivated sellers In CT sites into a stronger web presence.This is where we are at this very moment. We have the potential to make it big and do honest business, but a lot needs to be addressed to get there.

We Buy Houses In Connecticut

We Buy Houses Statewide CT, Including

Bridgeport CT  | Bristol CT | Danbury CT | Glastonbury CT | GrotoN CT | Hamden CT | Hartford CT | Manchester CT | Meriden CT | Milford CT | New Britain CT | New Haven CT | North Haven CT | Norwalk CT | Norwich CT | Orange CT | Plainville CT Rocky Hill CT | Shelton CT | Southington CT | Stamford CT | Stratford CT | Trumbull CT | Wallingford CT | Waterbury CT | West Hartford CT | Westport CT |

Welcome Norwalk CT!

We have just created a new page for Norwalk CT on our website for distressed homeowners. We will try to get the attention of the Norwalk community and lend a helping hand to those that need it.

thinking-WeBuyHousesIn Norwalk

As you all may have guessed we are investors and cash buyers and we buy houses in Entire Connecticut, but for this article we want to focus on the Norwalk Area!

Not only do we provide services to help out distressed homeowners, but we also increase the value of the neighborhoods we buy houses in. Every tie we buy a house and we end up fixing and flipping it, we transform an ugly house into a beautiful fully rehabbed house. This makes the neighborhood beautiful and safe again. The direct result is that we make room for quality living in otherwise distressed areas.

In order to target the Norwalk area fully we have created several videos to attract home sellers to our site. We focus on foreclosure, vacant properties, problems with tenants and more.

STOP Foreclosure In Norwalk CT:

We have put together a free eBook that is available for download on our foreclosure prevention page. It explains 5 ways to stop foreclosure in its tracks This is a super valuable eBook for anyone facing foreclosure in Norwalk, and Connecticut.

Trouble Tenants In Norwalk CT:

Dealing with tenants can be a handful. You spruce up your house in Norwalk Connecticut to attract tenants, but they do not respect your belongings and the house as much as you’d like. It can quickly get out of hand and often selling the house becomes a very attractive thought. We offer assistance. We will buy the tenant occupied house and the seller does not need to worry about evictions or repairs. We make it completely simple and hassle free!

Vacant House In Norwalk CT:

Sometimes people are stuck with a vacant home. It could be due to tenants destroying the house making it unfit for rentals or it could be as simple as inheriting an unwanted house.We love these. As there are no tenants, the procedure is even simpler and we can close sooner. We would love to hear from anyone stuck with a vacant home needing to sell! Remember we give fair offers!

We Buy Houses In Norwalk CT, No Matter Why You Are Selling.

The truth is that we do buy houses in Norwalk, no matter in what situation you are in. We are cash buyers and are always on the lookout to help a distressed homeowner and to add to our portfolio.

So No matter what situation you are in, call us at (203)529-4712 or visit our Norwalk Distressed Seller site and we’ll make sure your needs come first. We will work hard to give you the highest possible offer we can give.

We are Dixie and Jerryll with We Buy Houses In Connecticut. We are here to help!



Closing… The beginning of a New Rehab Adventure in West Haven CT!

Closing on a house is always exciting. As you know by now, you make money in real estate when buying! You have to buy the property at the right price. There is where you lock in your potential profit.

We believe we bought the property at the right price. How do we know? Because we have a good margin for profit, and we offered the maximum allowable offer to make sure the homeowner is happy and satisfied. Any deal where just one party come out beneficial is a bad deal.

Although it is difficult for everyone to be happy at a closing of a deal it certainly is possible.

This is one of such cases.


We have secured the contract by direct mail. It was a yellow postcard to be more accurate. They have then visited our motivated seller website, and our about us section and they felt confident we were honest and were able to help them.

We are hoping to close by next friday. That means we need to start planning our rehab and managing the project. We want to have the rehab completed within 8 weeks.

A lot will go into this and the success of the project is determined before a single hammer is used.

We need to plan plan plan and make sure everything goes smoothly. Winter is approaching and we need to have this house sold before that time. People simply do not buy houses during winter. So Winter is the ideal time to buy and do rehabs so the house can be placed on the market early to mid spring!


The house is located in West Haven. It is a very quiet place and the surrounding houses are all kept up. It is a very decent neighborhood and we do not anticipate problems selling the house after the rehab if it is priced right.

Some of the things we need to figure out quickly is what type of rehab we will perform.

A complete full rehab or a minimal rehab. The choice will be made based on the neighborhood, the repair estimates on both rehabs and the ARV after each rehab including the time it takes to do each rehab.

For the minimal rehab we need to:

  • Gut and install a new kitchen
  • Gut and install a new bathroom
  • Fix or demo the floors and install new flooring
  • Remove some wall paneling and replace with sheet rock
  • Yard clean up

For the full rehab we need to:

  • All the things mentioned in the minimal rehab
  • Transform the basement into a dry finished basement
  • Transform the half bathroom into a full bathroom
  • Add a bedroom in the basement
  • Egress window for the basement.

The immediate steps will be getting a few agents into the property for a consultation as to what sells better. Colors designs, hardware etc. All suggestions will be noted and then a contractor will give more accurate quotes and from there we can set a definite budget and start scheduling orders and set weekly work scopes and milestones.

Today is Monday. We will plan for the agents to walk the property on Wednesday.


I will keep a detailed log on this project so you can learn and walkthrough our steps as if you were part of the team.

We hope it will be a learning experience for you!

Over and out.

A Fun Rehab

Hello my friendly bloggers, home owners, cash buyers and investors, newbie and seasoned alike.

We at Sell My House In Connecticut are embarking onto a fun little adventure we would love to share with you. This time we are taking a trip to West Haven Connecticut. We have received a hit on our New Haven site and we are getting ready to start a fun rehab project.

Why is this one so special? Because it is a very cute simple house with a great layout, and we ar ready to fix it all up. We love the simple layouts because that gives us a clean canvas to create on. The house is adorable, clean, “bigger than it looks”, and we can not wait to make this the best looking house on the block!

The property is still under contract. We have done the initial inspection with contractors to make sure the house is in reasonable condition at first glance.

As we do not yet have title ownership we can not legally give out the address but I will include a picture so you can see how cute the house is and how much potential it has.


House sits in a very quiet and peaceful neighborhood, and it just minutes away from Home Depot, always a good thing when you are thinking about doing a lot of fixes 😀

We can can go two routes with this house. Rehab for resale, or a rehab for a rental. The Owner has done significant work already, including removing all the carpets from the floors revealing hardwood flooring in decent condition. I say decent because there seem to be some pet stains and we have our doubts they can be removed without a trace…

The walls are redone and freshly painted. This is amazing. Why? because the house needs then minimal work and it would look completely brand new again.

For example. The house definitely needs a new kitchen. However although the bathroom is very outdated it is in decent condition. By installing a brand new kitchen and cleaning the bathroom and maybe new carpeting (or refinish the floors) you would have a house that would look completely brand new and rehabbed. The estimate for this direction would be about $25K tops! With an ARV of $203,000 We could easily make a nice profit on this darling of a abode.

But oh there is more. A lot more. The house as a semi finished basement that was not included in the comps. The basement would add another 750 Square foot to the house. It would be more than easy to have a living room, a bedroom and a very large full bath in the basement which would significantly up the ARV on the house for not too much extra capital for repairs.

Now you can see the potential for this house. We were able to help the homeowners that simply did not want to deal with repairs, holding costs or tenants and wanted to get rid of the house, and we  now have a fun little project we can work on. We improve the neighborhood by fixing this house up increasing everyone’s home value in the neighborhood and we have a little extra money so we can buy our next house and make yet an other hoe owner happy.

What is there not to love?

For more information on us, our business or if you just are curious, hop on to our motivated seller site and don’t forget to go to our about us section. You will love the videos we put there. Something you will least expect to see on a real estate site. Go check it out!

NASA Scientist Turned Real Estate Investor

Humble Beginnings

Any story worth telling of course starts at it’s beginning. So we shall tell ours from the beginning as well!

Hello Readers. My name is Dixie. I will be telling you our story. I hope there is interest and we encourage you to interact, like, share and discuss. This is why we are doing this blog!

Jerryll was not born an investor believe it or not. (Is anyone?)

He started his career as a humble Robotics Scientist, working for IHMC, NASA and Italy’s prestigious IIT (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia) where he has always been the driving force behind all the amazing projects you see in the news.

To give you a little taste of the fantastic work Jerryll was involved with, feast your eyes on the video below.

IHMC’s Mina Exoskeleton.

Jerryll’s focus always has been on helping others and to make this world a better place. We believe that everyone has a talent and everyone can use these gifts in their own way to help a fellow man, and our planet.

For Jerryll it was his kindness, honesty and… his brilliance. The robots Jerryll helped design and built aided paraplegic users to walk again (after years of wheelchair confinement), sped up recovery time when used for rehabilitation purposes, helped astronauts stay fit in space, and will eventually help astronauts walk on planets with a much larger gravitational field.

Sadly, it was not to last very long. Government funding never is certain, and IHMC ( Institute for Human and Machine Cognition) lost funding for hardware development.


Luckily at the time NASA started to notice IHMC’s development and for obvious reasons became very interested in the technology. For nasa an exoskeleton can be used as an exercise device that is lightweight and compact. Perfect for space applications where size and mass need to be kept at a minimum.

So Jerryll jumped on team NASA to develop NASA’s X1

Ironically, again after the project was completed, there was no more funding for hardware development.


Never feeling defeated he decided to accept a job offer in beautiful Italy.  The USA government , DARPA, sponsored a robotics competition. As Team Italy having no real experience with robots of human size, Jerryll offered his expertise and designed the WALKMAN robot.

The WALKMAN is a humanoid robot designed to aid in disaster situations where human presence would be too dangerous. Thus the challenge here was that the robot needs to be capable to operate in a human environment.

This is very challenging.

If you think about it..

What is a human environment exactly? And what does it take for a robot to be able to operate in such an environment. To give you an idea,

the robot needs to be able to:

  • navigate through clutter (picture a messy garage)
  • use human tools, like a hand drill,
  • needs to open doors,
  • needs to be able to climb ladders and stairs
  • Needs to react fast.. and more

Not as easy as it sounds! After the project was finished, again there were issues and Jerryll became very fed up with it all.

So Jerryll decided to start his own robotics company where he wouldn’t have to be dependent on external funding opportunities. In order to make this endeavor a reality, he tapped into an other passion he has. Real Estate.

So he started  a real estate investing company to built capital, while helping others with their real estate needs.

Noorden Estates LLC was born.

Our focus is to help others in need and focus on all issues and problems homeowners may have real estate related, such as:

  • foreclosure
  • trouble tenants
  • Job Loss
  • Inheritance… and more

And this, ladies and gentlemen is how our real estate company started in this competitive market. We think what sets us apart from others is not our leaders amazing background, but his genuine desire to help others.

This is why we believe have such success. His genuine desire to be a solution is very transparent and people just feel that energy.

We stand fully behind this man. I stand behind him and will do whatever it takes to make his dream a reality. If you want to know more about us, and read a more detailed article about how we started out Jerryll, or even myself please visit our about us page!

Dixie Annabelle Lee. VP of marketing

We Buy Houses In Connecticut

We Buy Houses Statewide CT, Including

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